Day 1

Matt Evans
SQLite For BI

Luke Langford
Visual Storytelling

Derrick Saunders
Grow ETLs

Jason Brown
Anticipate and Pivot: Using Data to Steer the Ship

Drew Hemsley
Master the Join

Jake Young
Data Driven Organization

Josh Davis

Sam Haas
Data-driven Development

Matt Evans
Master the Build

Day 2

Joe Atkin
Creating An Awesome Company Culture

Peter Chun
Benefits of Public Shaming and Public Glory

Chris Lundell
The Science of Marketing

George Sadler
Relevance is the New ROI: It’s The Metric That Matters

Nathan McMurtrey
Data Lakes and Data Warehouses: A Playbook For Running On Data

Day 3

Marketing Panel
Data-driven Marketing For B2C, B2B, And Everything In-between

Joe Gelata
Revenue Operations: What Is It, Why You Need It, And How To Build It

CJ Forse
How To Grow Like A Lean Startup: 10 Tactics, Strategies And Principles

Brent Reddekopp
Don’t Believe In Magic? How Data and People Create Positive Change

Dan Watkins
How To Incorporate Sales Metrics Into Your Team Feedback

Rob Nelson