Dan Watkins

Director of Americas Software Sales & Global Head of Research Services, Qualtrics

“How to Incorporate Sales Metrics into Your Team Feedback”

Are you struggling with how to motivate your sales team without using fear? In this session, leaders will learn strategies for using data to provide feedback in ways that encourages skill development, improvement, and accountability.

Key Takeaways:

1. Using a 2×2 to measure both input and output

2. Holding leadership accountable to skill development

3. Measuring and understanding each skill

4. Accountability model

Dan Watkins joined Qualtrics in 2007 in “The Basement” with Ryan Smith and the founding team. The target was to build the first corporate sales team and to grow the company across the globe. 11+ years later, the team has worked to create a model that not only values it’s own employees with a strong career progression plan, but have also brought in world-class leaders from around the world to supplement that growth. Dan is currently personally responsible for roughly 400+ incredible people internationally. He leads Sales for the Corporate Software Business for the Americas as well as Sales and Operations for the Global Research Services Business Unit. In his various roles, he has been heavily involved in recruiting and training the vast majority of the tenured sales team and their leaders.