Gavin Christensen

Founder & Managing Partner, Kickstart Seed Fund

“What 15 Years of Investing has Taught me About Growing a Business”

Gavin is an entrepreneurial VC with a passion for investing and building Utah and the West. In 2008, Gavin recognized a need for both leadership and capital at the seed stage in Utah. Gavin worked with the Utah ecosystem to found Kickstart Seed Fund to fill this gap. Starting a seed stage firm focused on Utah during the Great Recession was not easy, but Kickstart is now the most active investor in Utah at the seed stage with 85+ investments.

Now into his second decade as a seed stage investor, Gavin was fortunate get his 10,000 hours in venture capital early in his career. Prior to Kickstart, Gavin was an analyst, associate and principal at vSpring Capital (now Signal Peak) where he developed a love for venture capital investing in the Mountain West Region. Before vSpring Capital, Gavin also worked as a Vertical Strategy Associate for Google and as a consultant in Monitor Group’s Cambridge office where he advised clients on a range of strategic, operational, and organizational improvements.

Gavin received a Masters of Business Administration from the Kellogg School of Management and a B.A. in Economics (with Honors) from Brigham Young University. Gavin currently serves on the boards of Banyan, Boombox,, Chatbooks, Grow, Jackrabbit Systems, Lucid Sofware, Photopharmics, Rackware, TaskEasy, Zenprint.