Jordan Barker

Chief Digital Officer, Relic Advertising

“5 Steps to Creating Client Reports They’ll Actually Use”

Today, tracking client data is par for the course, but as an agency, how do you create reports that get used by your clients and not ignored? Help them see the usefulness by being on their side—educate them on the reports, send them consistent and useful summaries, and remove the spin. They’ll see straight through it.

Key Takeaways:

1. Having access to data (even for SMBs) is no longer “new” so a story needs to be told from the data

2. Clients won’t use your reporting unless you teach them to refer back to answer their own questions

3. Executive summaries are critical to the success of client reporting

4. Cut the spin—clients will see through this eventually


The year is 2008. The Dark Knight just became the first superhero film epic; Usain Bolt shattered the 100-meter dash world record; Beyoncé and Jay-Z just had a wedding of historic proportions; Jordan Barker began transforming the digital marketing world. Now, we’re not saying that Jordan had anything to do with these wonderful, world-altering events, we just wanted to point out the correlation.

However, as Relic’s Chief Digital Officer, Jordan is responsible for similar world-changing events. Graduating from Utah Valley University’s business program, Jordan’s expertise lies in analytics. Being able to quantify and track the success of his clients is of utmost importance, and Jordan’s proficiency in the digital space has taken Relic’s marketing to a whole new level. Jordan has all the analytical savvy of Wall Street, with none of the felonies.

His early career experience has driven results for brands such as Walgreens, Pfizer, Bayer, The University of Phoenix, and Pluralsight to name a few. This, combined with his expertise at Relic, has made Jordan an industry leader in the digital marketing sphere. Around Relic, he is known as their Admiral Ackbar – a leader who does most of his work behind the scenes with the analytical skill and digital marketing expertise to give his team a proper battle plan. Plus, he’s always willing to warn us if there’s a trap.

When Jordan isn’t busy dissecting data, he enjoys reading, playing and watching sports, spending time with his family and long walks on the beach.