Lisa Ridley

Founder & Business Coach, Compass Group Coaching & Consulting

“Lessons from the Field: A Coach’s Guide to Scaling Up”

Many leaders fail to achieve the full potential of their businesses. But what differentiates the businesses who scale up successfully and those who don’t? I’ll share lessons and stories culled from the successes and failures of thousands of CEOs and their teams – and you’ll take away practical tips that you can immediately implement in your business and with your teams to achieve improved results.

Key Takeaways:

1. The #1 mistake almost every business leader makes

2. The easiest way to build a solid culture that will attract the employees you want

3. The critical meeting you may be skipping & the key to maximizing results

4. How to align your team & organization to achieve your goals


Lisa is the founder of Compass Group Coaching & Consulting, LLC, and works exclusively with entrepreneurs who are serious about achieving their goals. She has been coaching CEOs and their teams for over a decade. In the past 8 years her tenured clients (who have worked with her for 2 years or more) have experienced an average revenue increase of over 200%, with an average increase in profitability over 600%. As a coach, her purpose is to facilitate positive change. Using a proven process and best practices-based methodology, Lisa partners with CEOs and their teams to clarify strategy and then close the gap between what is known and what is actually being done, implementing a system that accelerates achievement and gets measurable, sustainable results. What does this mean in practical terms? It means Lisa helps companies grow revenue and profits while solidifying a sustainable, competitive strategy and creating a culture of accountability and engagement.