“Data Lakes and Data Warehouses: A Playbook for Running on Data”

Data Lakes have made quite a splash in the BI community. Can Data Lakes replace Data Warehouses? Is it just a bunch of hype? Tune in as Nathan McMurtrey dives deep into modern data topics, showing some surprising insights about data lakes, data warehouses, data strategy, and the future of SaaS.

Key Takeaways:

1. How to use data lakes to support your data science and data warehouses
2. How a data warehouse will create “one version of the truth” for your business
3. Why 80% of Data Warehouse projects fail
4. Our bet on the future of SaaS


Nathan McMurtry is an accountant turned data warehouse savant. Nate started his career in 2004 as an accountant at Omniture. Along his way, Nate encountered a mentor who introducing him to data warehousing. He instantly realized that he’d found his true calling. After building his first data warehouse, Nate moved on to Orangesoda as their Director of BI.

Orangesoda was eventually purchased by Deluxe, in part because of the quality of the data warehouse and Business Intelligence solution Nate had built. At this point, he decided to focus exclusively on his passion and become a data warehouse consultant. For a few years, he worked out of his basement. Eventually, his consulting client list grew larger than he could handle alone so he reached out to a colleague, Nate Allphin, and invited him to join the growing business.

By 2012 the Nates saw their opportunity go beyond consulting and towards offering a fully-managed data warehouse. Rather than get money from investors, Nate and his partner decided to bootstrap their new businesses with money from consulting. Over the next two years they put in 80+ hour work weeks; finally, in 2014 Nate and his partner had enough cash to officially launch their done-for-you data warehouse and Xerva was born!